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Why is Google My Business Is Important for Local Search?

Think of one place on the web where most people search for a local business.

Google, of course, that's because it is one of the main search engines where people go to find a local business. With Google owning over 80% of local business search they have made a shift over the past couple of years to focus on local business search results.

Google My Business (from here on GMB) is what Google uses to determine what is shows to a user in local searches, and you need to have your Google My Business setup for local rankings. Recapping what it GMB, it is a platform where you can list your business and enter into the world of online listing with Google. When you list your business on GMB, you will become eligible to appear in local searches and only when you do so. This is so important for users who are searching on Google, google maps, voice search, and google assistant. This means that you are more likely to be visible everywhere and to everyone searching with the right optimization. You definitely need to make sure your GMB is optimized for your business listing for best results.

Still not convinced?
Here are some reasons why you need your GMB:

#1 Google Map Searches: 

When the users search for a service or business in their locality, Google presents them with the most relevant results. These results are based on the user’s location and his proximity to your business address. Hence, if you have listed yourself on GMB with all the correct details your business, you will get new leads. Adding your phone number and location on it will further increase the chances of engagement. Local businesses thrive on customer engagement, so if more people know about your business, better will be the engagement. So when 93% of buying decisions are taken with Google’s help, your listing is the key to your success.

#2 The Power of Local-3 Pack or Map Pack:

You must have observed that there are up to three businesses listed just below the pay-per-click ads on the google search pages. For many businesses in a service-based industry, you may also see ads side-by-side. Well, unlike the pay-per-click ads, this so-called Local-3 pack is based on Google My Business optimization, Google Reviews and other ranking factors. This pack will show the three most relevant businesses for the keyword searched by the user. Consider this, if your business is there on the local-3 pack, you will get almost 7x more clicks than those which are not on this listing. We here at Rocket Local SEO know that this is important and one of the biggest things we focus on with our clients is making sure their GMB are optimized. We can really leverage the power of the local-3 pack to increase visibility to your business’s and much more potential for leads on a monthly basis.

#3 Build your Reputation and Get Reviews: 

Star ratings, reviews, and customer trust. These three things are the most important for a business to rank higher and progress. Google makes it easy for you. See, when you are listed on GMB, first of all, you will surely get more traffic. Moreover, the fact that consumers trust Google to provide the best results, your business if it is listed on the local-3 pack or even if it shows on the map makes a big difference. Plus, if your existing customers will give you ratings and reviews, it will surely amplify your optimization and bring you up on the ladder. It all works in a cycle, customers trust Google >>> you add your business to GMB >>> increase in customer engagement and building of trust >>> customers give stars and reviews >>> improve in google ranking >>> greater number of customers will trust you.

#4 Improve your business targetting: 

The first step to further improve your business and performance on the web is knowing whom to attract more. To do that you can use GMB’s insights. This section will tell you all about your customers, who they are, where they are approaching from. All this will help you recognize how you can best target these customers. Plus, this can also help you identify which tweaks in your GMB or other advertising platforms are working for your benefit and which are not. The more you know, the better.

#5 Make Google like you: 

The reason Google has reduced its local-7 pack to local-3 is to give the mobile users a better experience. So, if you want to come in the local-3 pack, you need Google to like you and optimize your listing. To do this, ensure that you have given all the information to Google. Because Google loves authenticity and to forward the right information to the users. Thus, the more you tell Google about your business, the more it will like it and share it with the users.

#6 Make Appointments and take calls: 

A GMB result that we all see on the Google maps or even on the right side of the SERP will also indicate the user to take action. It will ask them to engage with your business in some form. For instance, if you are operating a restaurant, it will have the “Reserve a table” button, or for doctors, it may have “Book an Appointment” and all that. Now, think if you haven’t even shared such information with Google and have never made your own free GMB. How can you then expect Google to help you increase engagement and send in more leads to your business?

#7 Advertise your business for Free:

Instead of paying money to advertise your business through pay-per-click ads, you can use the free GMB service and still rank higher. However, with a GMB, you can do it without any cost and still rank on SERP. The task is to verify your identity and your business listing once you set it up. In the end, you will get the required exposure and that too on Google. Other than this, you can make ‘n’ number of optimization tweaks and add to it. The insights will also help you further enhance your listing.

To summarize it all, Google is a pandora’s box. Do not just stick what you see on the surface. Instead, explore it a bit, analyze what you can use to your benefit and then leverage its uniqueness for your benefit. There are many ways to outrun your competitors. Thus, act smartly, be proactive in your approach, and build your authority.

Case studies have shown that 96% of all searchers will never look past Google’s First Page. Consumers are using computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to find local businesses and services like yours.

People are going online and searching for services in their city or even in their neighborhood. To compete in Google Local Maps, your website needs to be extremely focused on the specific search terms that people are looking for and in the geographical areas that they’re interested in.

When one of your client's searches on Google for a product or service with a location identifier, say a neighborhood or a town or a city, that is exactly when Google’s Local Map will appear.

Typically, Google’s Local Map will showcase between 3 and 7 local places on Google’s First Page. Local Map Optimization puts your business right in front of the eyes of customers looking to buy. It gives your contact info and exact location with directions to local searchers looking for your product or service.

The factors that the algorithm takes into account when deciding the order of the results is a closely kept Google secret. Additionally, to make sure that the secret variables that determine the ranking order remain a secret, Google is constantly changing and altering the algorithm to mix up the results.

This is where we come in. Getting your business ranked on Google’s Local Map and keeping it there is no simple task and requires constant up to date maintenance to counteract the changes that Google is constantly making.

Having a Google+ Local Profile is the only way to get Google +1s and reviews for your business in Google’s powerful search and maps infrastructure. And the more good reviews you have for your business, the higher your business can rank on Google’s Local Map.

Google Maps Optimization is one of the biggest things to happen in the Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Industry. It has revolutionized the way small and medium-sized local business can reach their local market and local customers.

We have a deep understanding of how the Google Maps algorithm works and the factors which are used to determine rankings of Local Business Listings. We also have a few strategies up our sleeves that can help give you a competitive advantage in this area.

We can help give your business a boost in the Google Maps Rankings and guide you on how to solidify your rankings over time.

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