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Today, when a user has to buy anything, his first stop is always the internet. But since the internet is full of competition, the ones on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) lead the game. Wouldn’t you love being on the top and having authority over your domain of services?

Landing a position in the top results of the search engine is however not a child’s play. This is not an easy task as it requires a lot of planning and implementation of various SEO techniques. But the results will help boost your rank and convert your leads.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the Shopify SEO techniques that will help you rise in the SERP ranking. It will also help your website gain more organic traffic and sales. 

What is Shopify SEO?

Shopify is an all in one commerce platform that helps you start, grow and manage a business. It also helps you sell your products across all online channels including mobile, web, social media, etc. we can also sell products across brick and mortar stores through Shopify. 

For an exponential growth in your business, you need to have a proper set of Shopify SEO services from a Shopify SEO expert. Shopify SEO consists of a set of steps that bring a lot of organic traffic to your website upon implementation. In the next section, we will explore some of the best Shopify SEO Optimization methods that will boost your website performance.

Does Shopify need SEO?

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform that has some basic SEO features but they will not be enough to climb up high in the ranking. Some external efforts are required if you want to rise up to the level of top search engine results. We need some specific steps to implement SEO for Shopify.

Shopify SEO Techniques

Let's dive in and discover some best Shopify SEO methods and techniques.


  • Optimized Site Structure


Having a well-managed site that is easy to surf will always serve as a benefit to your business. As the user will spend more time on your site, it will help your site rank higher. To implement this, keep your main pages like the product and category pages as close as possible, i.e. keep them less than three clicks away. Embed a search bar on the home page. Increase your credibility by making “about” and “contact us” page.


  • Keywords


The ultimate key behind any SEO is keywords. Having the right set of keywords the different pages of your website will always keep you in the lead. You can use various tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, etc. to search for the appropriate keywords. Another way is to research the keywords used by your competitors. It will also be helpful if you could reach out to discussion forums related to the product you are offering.


  • Optimized Product Pages


Another good way to get organic traffic using Shopify is by optimizing the product pages which show the best performance. Focus on reconstructing the headings and meta descriptions related to those pages. This will lead to more organic traffic on your website. Use specifications related to the products in the headings and descriptions.


  • Content Marketing


This step is the evergreen step that will always help you bring organic traffic to your website. Whenever your content is unique, it becomes easy for the search engine to differentiate it. It also stimulates user interest and makes them aware of the product in a different way. Writing unique content may become daunting sometimes but it always provides you incredible results.


  • Link Building 


This step is also a great way to get recognition in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This involves developing a healthy relationship with those who control an authority website, blog, forum, etc. Building a healthy relationship with these individuals will always help you in getting a recommendation from them. 

Some of these people are suppliers and manufacturers of the products, influencers, etc. You can put forward your requests to these individuals and you might end up getting a backlink. Another way can be informing them if any about the broken links on their websites or forums. You will land in good eyes and may even get a backlink when requested.


  • Improve User Experience


This technique includes implementing those steps that can make the user experience better. This includes making your site faster to access and surf, obviously, if your site loads faster users will stay on it for long. Another aspect to consider is to develop a responsive design of your website. As most of us prefer online shopping on our smartphones, it is very important to develop a website that is responsive. Having a mobile-friendly website will provide you access to the large scope of customers which will in turn increase traffic, sales and revenue.


  • Make Use Of Shopify SEO Apps And Tools


Shopify has various SEO tools that can be used for enhanced performance of the website. Some of them are:

    • SEMRush: Helps in studying the keywords used by the competitors and relevant pages.
    • Yoast: Used to check the website pages for an SEO recommendation.
    • Smart SEO: Reduces the time spent for optimization, prevents the need to manually manipulate meta tags.


  • Optinmonster: optimizes the store to make more money from the existing traffic.




As we have explored various Shopify SEO techniques above, it is pretty clear that it is a bit tough to manage everything by someone who is new to this. If you have started a new online selling business, it will be a wise decision to get access to Shopify SEO services from a Shopify SEO expert. 


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